Let's divide returns into two components -

  1. Courier returns
  2. Customer returns

Courier Returns:

Courier Returns occur when the order is undelivered and marked as RTO. Please find below the potential reasons for the order being marked as RTO.

Reasons for undelivered shipment

  1. Customer not contactable
  2. Incomplete address
  3. COD amount not ready
  4. Future delivery requested by the customer
  5. Self-pickup requested by the customer
  6. Customer refused delivery
  7. Door/premises/office closed
  8. Pincode not serviceable

Customer Returns:

Please note that using a custom return address is not possible currently since not all the courier companies allow it. Returns are subject to approval on a case to case basis.

In spite of the Quality Checks we do, it is possible that the customer receives a product that is not in the best condition. This might happen due to damages in transit or manual errors. You can raise a support ticket or WhatsApp us with images and it usually takes 7-10 working days to update the status.

Please note: Not all orders requested for refund will  be processed it varies case to case basis and doesn't guarantee any.