Mettupalayam, a suburb in Coimbatore district in Tamil Nadu, is situated in the foothills of Niligiri Hills. It is nearly 38km away from Coimbatore. The religious persons will find peace in this city since it has a lot of temples namely, Sri Matheswara Temple (dedicated to Lord Shiva), Jayamangla Anjenayer Temple, Kurundha Malai Temple, Oothimalai, Vanabadrakaliamman Temple, Sri Ranganathar Temple etc. It is 31km away from Kotagiri where you would find a plenty of beautiful places to stroll around and some of include Elk Falls, Catherine falls and Rangasamy peak and pillar. The sound of the water falling from heights is so loud that you think of nothing except focusing on the water splashing sound that is only trying to control your thoughts. Another attraction of this city is Nilgiri Mountain Railway which is the only rack railway in India and the steam engine train operates on narrow track and it leads to everyone’s favorite, Ooty. As this city is located in South India, the south Indian food is very palatable here. The nearest airport to Mettupalayam is Coimbatore Airport. The pictures of Mettupalayam from the Ooty Hills are dreamy and beautiful.

Mettupalayam is about 53 km away from Ooty and a drive of about 1 hour and 45 minutes will make you stand in the Hills Queen, Ooty. Ooty, an abbreviation of Udagamandalam, is a beautiful hill station in Tamil Nadu. Its greenery and hills lure the tourists including a majority of couples. The climate in Ooty is always pleasant and ranges from 6 degrees to a maximum of 23 degrees. There is a direct connectivity of AC and non AC buses from Mettupalayam to Ooty and the fare ranges from Rs 350 to Rs 450. The buses take around 2 hours. There are no flights from Mettupalayam to Ooty. The nearest airport to Ooty is Coimbatore Airport, which is 97km away from Ooty. There are 2 trains running from Mettupalayam to Ooty. An everyday train Metupalayam-Udagamandalam Passenger runs at 7:10am from Mettupalayam and takes 4 hours and 50 minutes to reach Ooty. The second sitting costs Rs 145 while its first class costs Rs 470. The second train running only on Saturdays is Metupalayam-Udagamandalam NMR Special and it embarks its journey from Mettupalayam at 9:10am and reaches at 2:25pm. Its first class and second sitting fares are Rs 1575 and Rs 1065 respectively. While beginning journey from Ooty to Mettupalayam, the former one runs at 2pm and reaches at 5:35pm and the latter one runs on Sunday at 11:25am and takes 4 hours and 55 minutes. While travelling in toy train with steam engine, you will have an experience of the incredible hills, eye soothing greenery and the beautiful nature smiling at you.

Ooty has many treasures to offer to its tourists. A mandatory visit to Ooty Lake, which is an articially constructed lake, fades your problems for a while and gives a refreshing touch to your life. Boating is the famous activity at Ooty Lake. Another famous spot is Government Botanical Garden and once you place your feet there, you feel like never leaving this place. It has this much greenery and each of the plants is planted in such a way that it forms a certain fine pattern. Government Rose Garden, as the name suggests has thousands of varieties of roses in the garden. It’s certainly the best feeling of being surrounded by so many flowers of love. World wax museum is another place flocked by tourists. There are around 25 statues in the museum and they include Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru etc. The other popular places several km away from Ooty where the nature can be explored more are Kalhatty Waterfalls, Emerald Lake, Avalanche Lake, Doddabetta Peak, Glenmorgan Dam Reservoir and Pykara Waterfalls.

While wandering this beautiful hill station, don’t forget to buy handmade chocolates which are the specialty of Ooty. The different flavored chocolates also have dry fruits contained in them. Since, tea cultivation is suitable in Nilgiris, people also buy different flavors of tea including Tulsi, Chocolate, masala etc from here. The shopping attractions of Ooty are Handicrafts, Antiques and Jewellery. Ooty is a place where you don’t have to seek the natural beauty, it already gets visible and makes you fall in love with this place.